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Meet Our Animal Partners



Toby is our handsome 28-year-old American Quarter Horse. His grand-grand-sire was "Dash for Cash," a famous racehorse. Toby spent his youth as a stock horse working livestock. He loves to be around people, loves treats from a bucket, and will do anything for a good scratch! He is soft and gentle when you quietly stand beside him in his pasture. Toby is enjoying serving others here at Stirrup Hope!



Zayn is a stately 24-year-old Tennessee Walking Horse who participated in field trials when he was younger. He has a calming presence and big engaging eyes.  Zayn enjoys being around people and simply hanging out with them. He is thriving in his role at Stirrup Hope. Zayn is the leader in the pasture but loves to be led around the farm. 



Pusher is a 19 year old Tennessee Walking Horse that was Zayn's pasture mate and buddy. He was used in field trials, but this affectionate guy is spending his time being brushed and loved on by people visiting Stirrup Hope.

He is lovable and a perfect fit. We are so glad to have him join our family!


Blu is the new kid on the block. He is approximately 13 years old and is a Carolina Marsh Tacky. He is the sweetest 14.2 hands fella around!  He is settling in at Stirrup Hope and is already assisting with sessions! He is a fast learner, empathetic and has found his place at Stirrup Hope.

mini donkeys.jpg

Gabriel  Wilson  Henry
Mini Donkeys

Gabriel, Wilson, and Henry have joined Stirrup Hope as therapy partners! All three fellas were born in Pennsylvania and are loving their new home here in SC.

Gabe will be two years old in July and is the leader of his mini-herd. He always wants to be first in line for the attention and meals! Henry is the middle child and will be two in August. He is an adorable teddy bear and loves to be petted. Wilson is the baby of the bunch and will be two in September. He gives the best hugs and will gladly show you! We are delighted to have them here at Stirrup Hope!


If you take a stroll around the farm, you may see several ducks swimming around in their very own water habitat. They have the pond all to themselves and love to sun on the bank and hide in the tall grass.

Try to find them if you can!

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